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Meetings are about people

It's not surprising that the concept of digital meetings is relevant. In recent years, we've all been forced to sit in countless Teams meetings, no matter what the technical platform is called. The longing to meet in person has created some reluctance to sit at home with a blurry background and try to be engaged. Those of us who work with video production got in early to make the digital meeting more interesting and to help companies organize meetings that get results.

The physical meeting feels easier to carry out for various reasons. We're used to these, and it almost goes automatically to make sure that refreshments are available, to find engaging speakers, and to activate participants. This is the key. When organizing a meeting, there are always a number of things that have to fall into place, and this applies to all types of meetings—even those we call digital.

The meeting is held at a location that is suitable depending on the number of participants, the type of format, the feeling you want to convey, etc.

The time of year or day can be crucial.

Will the participants be informed, trained or perhaps interested in something?

What will be covered in the meeting and how will it be presented?

Presentations, lectures, discussions, panel discussions are examples of different formats.

There are many advantages to combining the physical and digital meeting, but there are some things to consider. You must not forget those who are not present, which is unfortunately quite easy to do. If you only document what is happening, the external participants will not have a good experience. They must be included, and there are many good and easy tricks for this. By working with format, interaction, and address, you bring in those who are participating externally in the meeting.

There is sometimes a concern about the practical and technical questions ahead of the digital meeting and this is where we come in. Our job is to make sure everything works and that you feel secure all the way, and through that, you can focus and put your energy on what you're good at—your business. We help companies include the digital meeting as a natural part of their business, whether it's for smaller internal meetings or larger conferences.

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